A good topper can often mean the difference between sleepless nights and a good night's sleep. As the top layer on the bed, the topper has an extremely large impact on your overall sleep comfort. If you have a limited budget, you will often get the most value for money by investing in a high quality topper instead of a brand new bed or mattress.

We sell toppers in many types and sizes - but the guaranteed high quality is the hallmark of all of them. Note that all models can be ordered in special sizes.

Price from: 93.95  EUR
Topper 6 cm with PUR foam filling and washable Fresh Active cover
Price from: 160.95  EUR
Topper 6 cm with latex filling (7 zones) and washable Aegis cover
Price from: 201.95  EUR
Topper 6 cm with AventO2 foam filling and washable Lavender cover
Price from: 147.95  EUR
Topper 6 cm with memory foam filling and washable Aegis cover
Price from: 120.95  EUR
Topper 6 cm with Nightfly foam filling and washable Fresh Active cover