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Santiago mattress

Santiago mattress

Product Number: Santiago
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    268.95  EUR
    Deluxe children's mattress of the highest quality that delivers an excellent sleep comfort to a child. With a comfortable and anti-bacterial, washable cover.

    Mattress composition (from top):
    Lavender cover.
    3 mm 3D-textile.
    80 mm AventO2 foam.
    Lavender cover.

    The Lavender cover is the ultimate of mattress covers. It is treated with lavender extract, which fights against microorganisms and at the same time acts in an aromatherapeutic manner. Lavender is known to have positive effects on migraines, nervous tension and insomnia among other things. The cover has excellent ventilating abilities, which contributes to added freshness. The cover is equipped with a zipper that makes it easy to remove and wash when needed (machine washable at 60°C).

    The filling of the mattress consists of 2 layers. The top layer is a 3 mm thick 3D textile which ensures optimal ventilation. The bottom layer is 80 mm AventO2 foam with ventilation channels. AventO2 foam is a newly developed foam type. It is among the most exclusive mattress foam types with a range of exceptional properties. It is highly elastic, has excellent climate control and a very long lifespan. The foam is infused with natural lavender and Swiss herbs to create an incredible anti-bacterial and hygienic sleep environment. In addition, the production of this foam type is more environmentally friendly than traditional foam types.

    This mattress is symmetrical, which makes it possible to turn head and foot. We recommend turning it regularly to keep the mattress comfortable and fresh.
    CoverLavender (washable)
    FillingAventO2 foam and 3D-textile
    Height11 cm
    Sizes60 x 120 cm
    60 x 140 cm
    65 x 120 cm
    65 x 140 cm
    70 x 120 cm
    70 x 140 cm
    Est. delivery time3-5 working days (+ transport)
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    Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (based on 10 ratings)
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