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When you shop at www.agoons.com you are always entitled to our 100 days right to return policy – counted from the day you receive the products. You can make use of the right to return policy in the following two ways:

1 – Refuse Delivery

When we deliver the product, you can refuse to accept delivery.

2 – Return

If you have received your product, you can return it to us. You must return the product in the same quantity and condition as you received it. The right to return policy will therefore be void, if you use the product in a way that has clearly reduced the value of the product. We encourage you to return the product in its original packing. It is your responsibility that the product you return is packed properly. Before you return a product, you must notify us by e-mail (info@agoons.com). When you make use of the right to return policy, you must cover the return freight costs yourself. Products returned by cash on delivery will therefore be rejected. We can help you arrange the return transport – however, our normal freight prices do not apply to return transport.

Regardless of which way you choose to make use of your right to return, we will refund the amount as soon as we have checked the returned product. We endeavour to make your wait as short as possible.

To help us continue to improve according to the wishes of our customers, we appreciate your feedback in terms of why you have chosen to make use of your right to return.