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    Basic children's mattress that provides support and comfort for the entire body of a child.

    Mattress composition (from top):
    Cotton cover with child-friendly patterns.
    75 mm Eliocell foam.
    Cotton cover with child-friendly patterns.

    The cover is made of cotton decorated with child-friendly patterns.

    The filling of the mattress consists of a 75 mm thick layer of Eliocell foam, which has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties. Eliocell foam is a firm foam with numerous orthopaedic properties that ensures the right placement and support of a child's body. The foam is very good at maintaining its original shape, resulting in a longer lifespan for the mattress.

    This mattress is symmetrical and reversible, which makes it possible to turn in all directions. We recommend turning it regularly to keep the mattress comfortable and fresh.
    FillingEliocell foam
    Height8 cm
    Sizes60 x 120 cm
    60 x 140 cm
    65 x 120 cm
    65 x 140 cm
    70 x 120 cm
    70 x 140 cm
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